Sustainable Urban Solutions Conference

Sustainable Urban Solutions Conference

On the 23rd May at Odd Fellows Mansion, we will host 12 international cities, to find innovative green solutions, to current and future climate challenges. Over 300 people from 30+ countries have signed up for this one of a kind opportunity, to engage directly with cities, experts, innovators and companies. Do not miss out on a front row seat to the leading cities of the future and how they will be the demand drivers for the green transition.

7 Nordic partners, have come together with the purpose of showing how Nordic solutions, can help solve the long list of challenges, which the post-modern city faces.
Cities from all over the world are looking for new innovative solutions in support of the effort to make their urban spaces more inclusive and sustainable. For this to happen we need to overcome interoperability between different solutions providers. Governments, companies and research institutions are all looking for holistic solutions to the massive growth burst cities all over the world are facing, and the tremendous pressure it puts on transportation, energy solutions, resources and resilience.

The conference on the 23rd, will present city challenges from Nordic and global cities, and provide them with co-creation workshops spaces, where solutions providers from all sectors, will work together to find smart and innovative solutions. The conference will also feature keynotes from high-level officials and senior company advisors to describe their role and challenges the different sectors are facing, and how we are developing the solutions.

Intrigued but want to know more?

Watch the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen talk about what the conference has to offer.

And the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Dagfinn Høybråten about the Nordic perspective.

We hope that you will help us in the effort to find Nordic solutions to global challenges.

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Sustainable Urban Solutions

Author: Victoria Tanya Johnson, CLEAN