Nordic Industry – Punching Above its Weight on Climate Action

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A recent study shows that Nordic companies experience see climate efforts as a business strategy. Contributions to reaching climate goals create new business opportunities, a more attractive brand and reduce costs by enhancing resource and energy efficiency.

The report was produced by the Haga Initiative (SWE), Fossil Free Sweden (SWE), Climate Leadership Coalition (FIN), Icelandic New Energy (ISL) and Norway 203040 (NOR). It is based on interviews with CEOs and business leaders from 38 Nordic companies expressing that they could do even more to contribute to the realization of the Paris Agreement and that Nordic leadership could generate important scale effects on the international level.  The key findings from the report; climate change is a top priority for the CEOs, there is a strong commitment to reduce both their own emissions and be a part of the global solution, the companies see a clear connection between GHG emissions and profitability and finally the companies welcome higher targets.

The CEO’s and business leaders interviewed for the report include some of the largest export companies in the Nordic region. The 38 companies together employ more than 540 000 people around the world and their aggregated revenues correspond to approximately 17 percent of the GDP of the Nordic countries.

The report will be presented by Nina Ekelund, Executive Director of the Haga Initiative. A commentary will be provided by:
– Rosman Jahja, Vice President Corporate Responsibility, Trelleborg
– Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition
– Susanne Arvidsson, Associate Professor within Business Economics, Lund university
– Nils Westling, Haga Initiative
– Svante Axelsson, National Coordinator of Fossil Free Sweden
– Ingrid Jegou, Senior advisor, 2050

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