Law and policy as barriers and driving forces for sustainable energy


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A noticeable trend in climate mitigation efforts is that the role of regions and cities are of increasing importance.

In this workshop, held as a part of the project Smart Cities Accelerator sponsored by Interreg ÖKS, we will look at law as a driver and barrier for new sustainable solutions in municipalities in Denmark and Sweden. The main focus is low-temperature district heating and integrating variable renewable energy and heat pumps into the energy system. Further, we will discuss the importance of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its large influence on the potential energy system optimization.

Event type:
Seminar with concluding discussions with a possibility to mingle after the seminar

Address: Hallenborgs gata 4, Dockan, Malmö. Venue: ”Plan 7”

City of Malmö, Smart Cities Accelerator

Contact information:
Åsa Hellström, Project Manager, City of Malmö and Carl Dalhammar, Senior Lecturer, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE),

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Clean energy technology Energy policy Energy transition Smart grids Sustainable Heating & Cooling