Innovation competition for zero emission – accelerating disruptive change and new business opportunities


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Part of Arena: Smart Industry.

Rapid transformation in infrastructure and material production is needed to meet the challenge of climate change. Through the innovation competition “Transformative infrastructure – innovation for zero emissions”, we expect to see new solutions for production and a lower energy use throughout the entire value chain, leading to new collaborations and clients. It is expected that solutions involve digitalization and result in increased resource efficiency and sustainable production.

This event will cover topics such as:

– Zero emissions in infrastructure – concrete, steel and asphalt industries coming together

– The possibility for infrastructure industry to be both users and producers of clean energy

– How cutting-edge technologies such as ICT and digitalization, bio-based innovations, space- and nanotechnologies and advanced system solutions radically can change energy use and production and the properties of materials

– How a new way of collaborating within the triple-helix and within the supply chain breaks silos and corporate wall

– How competition can stimulate disruptive business models within an industry sector

– How we can stimulate these new innovative ways of collaboration internationally

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Presentation and interactive panel discussion

Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency together with 28 agencies, companies, research institutes and academia

Contact information:
Eva Dalenstam, Innovation Coordinator, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency,

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Clean energy technology Energy efficiency Energy transition Investment Research & innovation Smart industry