How the European Battery Alliance can accelerate the development of sustainable value chains for batteries


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This conference will highlight the importance of batteries as a means to meet decarbonization goals in power and transport. Focus will be on sustainability aspects and related business opportunities in each step of the battery value chain from mining to recycling and 2nd life.

Experts from industry, public authorities and academia will give their perspectives on needs and opportunities in technology, business models and regulation development from their part of the value chain to pave the way to sustainably produced batteries covering aspects from raw material supply, production as well as recycling, 2nd life and substitution.

An interactive panel discussion with audience interaction will discuss solutions and potentials as well as needs of research and innovation and effective regulatory frameworks. The aim of the discussions is to identify the most relevant solutions for the development of sustainable value chains for sustainable batteries and key steps for the way forward.

Anticipated outcome is to give to a clear message to decision makers what industry/public authorities/governments can do to promote the development of sustainable value chains in Europe taking aspects of recycling and circular economy into account based on actions developed by the European Battery Alliance.

This event directly feeds into the Mission Innovation session on storage that is planned to be held in the afternoon on the same day – partly same target audience and participants/speakers and builds on output from the battery conference on the previous day “Challenge driven battery research for cost and resource efficiency”.

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High Level Conference with Panel discussion, 9-13, including breakfast and lunch. Thematic session 2hrs (10-12).

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High Court, Malmöhusvägen 1, Malmö


Swedish Energy Agency and InnoEnergy

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