Enabling Market Design – an easy win, a winding road or a mix?


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Part of Arena: Smart grids – Unlocking the renewable future.

Market design initiatives are considered central enablers for a smart and sustainable energy system. Key questions include: Are there specific market design initiatives that are more relevant than others? What are the roles of new and old actors and consumer behavior? What lessons can be learned from non-EU countries? Are there country initiatives/measures that other countries can leapfrog? How adaptive can and should a market design be? Are exemptions from rules the way forward if a market design is considered a damper to innovation and progress towards a smart energy system?

The panel consists of:
Mr. Garrett Blaney,Commissioner CRU Ireland, President Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)
Dr. Konstantin Staschus, Director Ecofys, a Navigant company
Dr. Therese Hindman Persson, Chief Economist, The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate
Mrs. Karin Widegren, President ISGAN
Mrs. Sarah (Bryant) Keay-Bright, Head Energy Efficiency, International Energy Charter

Moderator: Mr. Kaj Forsberg, The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

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Presentation, panel discussion

Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate

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