Digitizing grids – why it will change your way of living


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Part of Arena: Smart grids – Unlocking the renewable future.

With the development of Smart Grids, the energy industry is now ready to take a huge step into a sustainable future. One key to this is “digitalization”, a term most people have heard of but few really understand. What does it mean, and why will digital solutions completely change the grid as we know it today? At the event you will learn how artificial intelligence and big data analysis can be used to help you control the smart devices in your home and why blockchain technology might open up new possibilities for you to change your electricity bill completely.

The seminar will include the following two topics:

A digital world – what it is all about?
Jakob Dotevall, ÅF Energy
An overview of some key concepts of the digital era. What does terms like “AI” and “IoT” mean, and more importantly, how will they affect the grid in the future?

The block chain technology in the energy sector
Oriol Pujoldevall, Energy Web Foundation
An introduction to the block chain technology and why it has the potential to change the energy industry completely.

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Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö


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