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Part of Arena: Smart grids – Unlocking the renewable future.

In order to realize E.ON’s vision of 100 percent renewable energy, E.ON is an active partner in the EU-program focusing on smart grids, InterFlex. Six European projects have been selected to develop smart grids and demonstrate the latest technology. Three of the six projects are run by E.ON. Two of these are located in Sweden.

The local energy system in Simris is a pilot project located in southern Sweden, Skåne. The project is helping us to learn how to create separate, islanded areas more sustainable using renewable electricity. In a small village in rural Sweden, we are asking ourselves; is it possible to make customers self-sufficient using smart grids and shift from an individual to a collective approach towards energy efficiency.

In this session, we will share our insights and learnings from Simris, but also from other Swedish and European projects and parties using smart grids to meet global sustainability goals.

The future energy system is here today! What do we do next? Who will be the future customer and what will they need?

Participants will get a chance to interact and actively guide the discussion during the session.

– Johan Mörnstam, CEO, E.ON Energy Networks Sweden
– Christian Alexandersson, City Manager, Municipality of Landskrona

 Nina Ekelund, Executive Director, The Haga initiative

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Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, 211 19 Malmö


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