Creating a shared language for Smart Energy – to accelerate green transition


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The event will be highlighting and discussing the importance of creating a shared language amongst stakeholders – in Smart Energy (or Smart City).
Acronyms and jargon dominate the how we talk aboutSmart Energy. These are hard for many to understand and therefore realise what smart energy is all about.
For this reason, it is important to create a shared language amongst stakeholders, internally and externally. For all the players like heat, power, water, transport, transmission, distribution, sensors, municipalities, universities. All these use their own lingo that not all understand.
The event will be an open forum, with angles on the subject from city planing to industry players.

– Dr. Fridrik Larsen. Chairman of CHARGE and assistant Professor at the University of Iceland
– Jane Mortensen, Manager of Sustainability and Urban Life, City & Port (City of Copenhagen)
– Rune Kirt, Visionary designer, KIRT x THOMSEN
– Kristian Honoré, Energy planner, HOFOR
– Morten Dyrholm Group Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Public
Affairs, Vestas Wind Systems (TBC)

Event type

Short presentations followed by panel discussion

Event location

Sundkaj 7, 2150 Nordhavn


CHARGE Energy Branding


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Rune Kirt Thomsen,

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