Collaborating for the next generation Urban Mobility


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Part of Arena: Green Mobility.

Self-driving, electrified and share vehicles have the potential to enable a radical transition of the way we travel. In a mobility system where we subscribe for mobility rather than own a car (that is mostly not used), transportation could become more environment-friendly, safer, more efficient; and more affordable. However this transition could also go in a more detrimental direction, unless all stakeholders are aligned and it is likely that some policy changes will be required to ensure an optimal impact on the society.

This session includes an overview of the Swedish collaborative approach to facilitate this transformation of mobility, and two deep dives into specific projects in which new exciting mobility concepts are already being piloted in Swedish cities.

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Malmö Börshus

Drive Sweden & some of its partner organizations

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Birger Löfgren, RISE,

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Clean energy technology Energy policy Energy transition Smart cities & mobility Urban development