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Part of Arena: Green Mobility.

Electric mobility has not yet fully taken off due to consumer concerns for vehicles prices, driving range or chargers availability. For the competitiveness of any new industry, scale is important. But there were only 1,273 e-buses on the road in Europe in 2016, while 160,000 were sold in China at the same time. The energy transition of the transport sector is underway, but its success relies on certain success factors.


ABB’s view on electric mobility will answer
– How digitalization and innovation drive technology forward
– How quickly we will switch to electric vehicles

ABB’s view on Grid Intelligence will answer
How we ensure the network can handle it
– What requirements and intelligence is needed
– What challenges we see within the transition of the energy sector

Client view’s in panel discussions on electric mobility

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Conference & panel discussion

Malmö Börshus


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