Bridging the Gap Between Greentech R&D and Commercialization: Best Practice from the Nordic Countries


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The countries committed to Mission Innovation have all pledged to seek to double their governments’ clean energy research and development investments over five years to accelerate the transition toward a more clean, affordable, and reliable energy mix. This commitment represents a crucial step towards the development of groundbreaking cleantech, but a central challenge remains: How to bridge the gap between cleantech R&D and commercialization.

National investment programs play a key role in this process by supporting cleantech R&D in the initial stages. Their role is particularly important in the selection and “upbringing”, i.e. requirement and guidance, of the supported projects. The outcome from this process ideally attracts private sector capital and knowhow and leads to scale up of new cleantech. The Nordic countries have traditionally been pioneers in making this value chain work and developing new cleantech, e.g. Vestas, and must now join forces to unearth new groundbreaking cleantech.

This event brings together the entire value chain to share best practice for how to secure commercialization of cleantech. It invites representatives from the Nordic support programs to share their vision for supporting new cleantech. It surveys Nordic startups that have successfully bridged the gap. It also invites industry and VC to share their experiences with the development of new cleantech and voice their opinions. Finally, it gives insights into what the megatrends in the energy sector – decentralization, digitalization and decarbonization – mean for the investment landscape.

Key questions

  • – Why do some cleantech startups succeed while others fail?
  • – What are the visions of Nordic governments’ investment programs? Is it possible to increase the commercial output from public investments in energy R&D?
  • – What is the role of the private sector, e.g. industry and VC, in the upscaling of cleantech?
  • – What is the impact of the megatrends in the energy sector (decentralization, digitalization and decarbonization) on the investment landscape?

Event type

Presentations by and discussion among stakeholders that cover the entire value chain.

Event location

Ved Stranden 18, 1401 København

The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance / Branchefællesskab for Intelligent Energi
Nordic Energy Research / Nordisk Energiforskning
Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate / Energi-, Forsynings-, og Klimaministeriet

Jeppe Wraae Nielsen, Consultant, The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance,
Anne Sofie Bender, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate,
Inger Strand Karni, Senior Advisor, Nordic Energy Research,


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