Battery storage: transforming the power landscape


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Part of Arena: Smart grids – Unlocking the renewable future.

Energy storage, most notably batteries, has the potential to change the game by solving the energy trilemma – the need to achieve a low-carbon, cost-effective and secure energy supply. So far, cost has been the major barrier for large scale battery deployment. But with battery prices already falling sharply, this niche solution is now being converted into a commercially viable, embedded technology. What are the new applications and business models triggered by energy storage advances? What will be the impact on the power sector? How can energy storage truly enable smart grids?

Bo Normark, Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at InnoEnergy, will chair the session and bring representatives from the battery, ultra-capacitor and power industries together to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We will welcome on stage:
 Emma Nehrenheim, Head of Environment and Sustainability at Northvolt
– Taavi Madiberk, CEO at Skeleton Technologies
Yvonne Ruwaida, Business Strategist at Vattenfall Distribution

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