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Part of Arena: Green Mobility.

94% of the transport in EU depends on oil for its energy need. The Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure [DAFI] establishes a common framework of measures for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in the European Union to minimize dependence on oil and environmental impact of transport and each Member State shall adopt a national policy framework based on this. However, In November 2017, the European Commission concluded that the level of ambition differ significantly between countries and is not sufficient.

This event focuses on the urgent ramp-up needed in the northern part of the largest transport corridor in Europe; the Scandinavian-Mediterranean transport corridor. The corridor includes progressive urban zones such as Berlin and Oslo.

The program takes the audience from the current status and the planned measures of the deployment of clean fuel vehicles and infrastructure; through a debate on EU policies; the roles of public and private stakeholders in the deployment and the financing and aim at answering: How can we accelerate clean fuels, vehicles and infrastructure in a core and comprehensive transport corridor whilst not losing focus on the urban and sub-urban areas, where vehicles are being used for the most time?

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Seminar with expert discussions

– Jakob Lagercrantz – an economist by education and started his professional career in Greenpeace Sweden in 1984 and left after 11 years as Director of Greenpeace Sweden. He has worked as an independent consultant since then focusing on transport and sustainable mobility. He was appointed the Chairman of the Swedish Organization of Green Motorists, where he remained for nine years. After leaving he co-founded the 2030 secretariat, an industrial NGO devoted at achieving a fossil fuel independent transport sector in Sweden by 2030.

– Eirik Trygve Böe, Head of the committee for planning, economic development and environment, Akerhus County Council, Norway
– Marine Gorner, Analyst, International Energy Agency, France
– Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO, Deutsche Energi-Argentur, Germany
– Jukka Metsälä, Vice President biogas, Gasum, Finland
– Andrea Schön, Senior Manager Carbon Controlling and Consulting, DB Schenker, Germany

Malmö Börshus

Skåne Association of Local Authorities, Region Skåne, RISE, GREAT and Scandria2Act-projects.

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