Press release: Denmark to host G-20 ministers in May

Denmark to host G-20 ministers in May


Denmark is hosting the ministerial meeting Clean Energy Ministerial with participation from most G20-countries and the Nordic countries. The CEM-countries combined ac-counts for 90 % of investments in clean energy and 75 % of the world’s CO2-emissions.

As part of the Nordic Clean Energy Week, the yearly ministerial meeting Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) will take place in Copenhagen on the 24th May 2018. Here, Denmark will host the majority of leading economies in the world together with Nordic green frontrun-ners Norway, Sweden and Finland. As these countries account for 90 % of the global en-ergy investments, the CEM-meeting provides excellent opportunities to display Danish and Nordic energy solutions to G20-countries policy- and decision-makers, which can provide a boost for Danish energy technology export. Furthermore, the transition of emerging economies’ energy sectors must be accelerated in order to comply with the Paris Agree-ment. This implementation of the Paris Agreement requires investments totaling 13.500 billion USD, in which Danish and Nordic solutions can get a significant share of.

Business leaders invited to discuss clean energy with ministers

During the ministerial meeting, the main focus will be on energy integration and transition to a low carbon economy. Nordic solutions will hereby be highlighted including the region-al integration of power systems and focused integration of renewable energy into the overall energy market. Furthermore, three subthemes will shape the meeting. These are the acceleration of the deployment of renewable energy and power system transformation, innovative options for decarbonisation of the industry and end-use sectors and finally the focus on advancing large scale clean energy investments. These themes incorporate a wide variety of discussion topics, including renewable energy sources, digitalization, smart grid, energy efficiency and investments. The thematic elements will be the center for both closed ministerial meetings. Moreover it will be a scope for a series of roundtable discus-sions with participating ministers and business leaders and a number of side events that includes a broad involvement of stakeholders and experts.

Interested private and public parties are encouraged to participate in the different elements of the Clean Energy Ministerial and in the Nordic Clean Energy Week. It will put Denmark and the Nordic countries on top of the international clean energy agenda and only with a broad participation will the week be a success that maintains our position as a green lead-er.


The Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate
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