Nordic students are taking bold action to solve global climate challenges

Nordic students are taking bold action to solve global climate challenges

On 22 May EIT Climate-KIC invites 60 talents to DTU Skylab for the Clean Energy Hack. In the only event for students during the Nordic Clean Energy Week, future change makers will use their knowledge, insights and creativity to find solutions to climate challenges faced by some of the cities attending NCEW. The best solutions will be awarded at the Sustainable Urban Solutions Conference on 23 May with invitations to pitch at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona in November.

Organised by EIT Climate-KIC, DTU, Aalborg University and Student & Innovation House, the Clean Energy Hack will address tough challenges presented by global cities such as international cities like Singapore and Hamilton.

Fast-paced innovation of climate-positive solutions

The Clean energy hack is a fast-paced innovation process that brings together cities’ climate challenges with top talent with the passion and ability to solve them. The goal is to find real solutions to real problems. For 12 hours participants collaborate intensively on challenges such as the future of mobility, circular economy needs and local air quality strategies.

“I am excited about the passion and commitment demonstrated at our hackathons. I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions coming out of the Nordic Clean Energy Hack and encourage all Nordic innovators to use this opportunity to help solve cities’ climate challenge and innovate climate-positive solutions that can be scaled.” Susanne Pedersen, Managing Director, Climate-KIC Nordic

Matching cities’ needs with talent

Organising the Clean Energy Hack, EIT Climate-KIC draws on extensive experience with Climathon – the annual global hackathon for climate action which has effectively developed into a climate positive movement. In 2017 more than 100 cities in 44 countries across six continents invited citizens in to work on solutions to local climate challenges in the Climathon.

The best climate-positive solutions from the Clean Energy Hack will be presented on stage at the Sustainable Urban Solutions Conference at the Odd Fellow Palace on 23 May. The winning team will be awarded with a trip to the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona in November 2018 where they will be invited to pitch at the Nordic Pavilion.

From innovation to action

Connecting students with cities’ climate challenges and innovating solutions is just the beginning. Already on 24 May, the Clean Energy hackers are invited to reconvene for an ActionLab where they will get to work further to scale the impact of their ideas with coaching and support from co-organisers Aalborg University, Student and Innovation House, DTU and EIT Climate-KIC.

The goal is for the presented ideas to develop into tangible and scalable sustainable solutions for municipalities to implement. The hackathon thus presents a fantastic opportunity to contribute to mitigate climate change and create healthier, cleaner and more sustainable cities.

“The momentum for global climate action reaches far beyond the Clean Energy Week and we are ready to help students and innovators continue to work on their solutions hatched at the Clean Energy Hack. This is one step on the way to creating a global community of change makers”. Dr Kirsten Dunlop, CEO, Climate-KIC

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We are accepting applications for the Clean Energy Hack until 6 May. Apply here.

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Get in touch with Solveig Zophoniasdottir or Ida Åsle.