Nordic Clean Energy Week – supported by Vestas

Nordic Clean Energy Week – supported by Vestas

Vestas works every day to power the global energy markets’ transition from fossil fuels towards competitively priced sustainable energy and it is therefore natural for us to be an active part of Nordic Clean Energy Week. Wind energy is key to this transition and with 90 GW of wind turbines in 77 countries, Vestas has for more than 35 years been at the forefront of developing the technology that has made wind energy the lowest cost of energy solution in many markets today. As part of Nordic Clean Energy Week, we look forward to promoting the green transition further and discuss future solutions.

Significant challenges remain, however, in how to integrate even more sustainable energy into the mix and get more reliable and consistent energy production adapted to energy demand. To overcome these challenges, Vestas draws on its strength within innovation and technology and develops the solutions to become the global leader within sustainable energy solutions as a whole.

Case in point, one of the key topics for Vestas’ participation in Nordic Clean Energy Week, both during workshops and roundtables, is why we believe sustainable energy hybrid solutions play such an important role in the green transition – and also how they have the potential to provide the flexibility needed to increase the penetration of sustainable energy. Hybrids will help ensure that energy is available when needed, regardless of the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

Vestas embarked on its journey within the world of hybrids back in 2012 with our very first hybrid installation. Then, in October last year, we reached another important milestone when we announced our partnership with Australian Windlab on the world’s first utility-scale hybrid, called Kennedy Phase I, integrating all three elements – wind, solar, and storage. Designed to supply consistent and reliable renewable electricity, the project shapes a path forward for how other countries can integrate more renewable energy into their energy mix and address challenges that normally are a restraint to greater uptake of renewables.

As we promote the green transition, and develop the solutions to tackle its challenges, Nordic Clean Energy Week is the perfect setting for us to exemplify the importance of having an ambitious government strategy for R&D funding and system integration of renewables – and we are looking forward to a fruitful and insightful week in Copenhagen and Malmö in May.