Creating clean energy synergies between Denmark and South Korea

Creating clean energy synergies between Denmark and South Korea

South Korea plans to achieve a 20% renewable energy proportion by 2030. This will be achieved through reducing the amount of waste material produced by each energy source and cultivating a higher degree of solar and wind power. These new clean energy ambitions can only be realized by reaching out to leading expertise around the world.

Within the field of clean energy, the Nordic countries has long been pioneers. This is why South Korea especially is looking into Nordic solutions within the areas of wind energy, smart grid and energy storage, where e.g. the Nordic electricity grid, that facilitates decarbonisation by allowing wind power from Denmark to be balanced by hydropower in Norway and Sweden, is a key interest point.

As a response to the interest in Nordic solutions, a high-level Korean delegation led by the Korean Ministry for Trade, Industry and Energy is travelling to Copenhagen to take part in CEM9 and Nordic Clean Energy Week.

The delegation, also encompassing a number of energy related agencies and research institutions, will also participate in a workshop focusing on future opportunities for Danish-Korean RDI collaboration and commercialization. The workshop is hosted by Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul and CLEAN Cluster, and is developed in close collaboration with a number of Danish and Korean partners incl. Technical University of Denmark, Green Technology Center Korea. The selected topics are wind, smart grid and energy storage and the goal is to match Danish and Korean stakeholders and experts from academia, research, policy and industry with an interest in sharing knowledge and generate ideas for two parallel tracks.
Track 1 focuses on future Danish-Korean projects addressing South Korea’s ambitious goals for a transition towards 20 pct. new renewable energy proportion in 2030. Track 2 focuses on the potential for green energy projects in emerging markets between Denmark and Korea. This focus will be materialized through an exemplifying case focussing on Kazakhstan, who will also be represented at the workshop.

The visit of the Korean delegation is a result of the 1st ‘Nordic Energy Research Conference’ held in Seoul in December 2017. The conference was hosted by the Nordic embassies in South Korea and co-financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. For a long time, South Korea has been investing heavily in R&D and with the current government’s high ambition on pursuing higher goals on renewable energy, Korea is seen as a prospective collaboration partner.

Workshop information

Name: Future opportunities for Danish-Korean Clean Energy collaboration
Date: May 25th 2018
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Børsgade 4, 1215 Copenhagen K

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