The 9th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM9) and the 3rd Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-3) are co-hosted by Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Nordic Council of Ministers and European Commission (on behalf of the European Union). The two forums take place back-to-back in the cities of Copenhagen and Malmö, on 22-24 May 2018. This is known as the Öresund region and the two cities are famously linked by the Öresund Bridge.

The overall theme for 2018 is Energy Integration and Transition: towards a competitive and innovative low carbon economy.

While the two forums are distinct in character and content they share a common goal: accelerating the clean energy revolution. The Öresund Bridge symbolises this complementarity. It will connect and take ministers and other high-level delegates gathered in Malmö for the MI-3 Ministerial, to the CEM9 meeting in Copenhagen. The discussion will move from Mission lnnovation, focusing on scaling up R&D for the new technologies of the future, to the Clean Energy Ministerial which aims to facilitate the deployment of the clean energy technologies and solutions already available today.

The annual Mission lnnovation and Clean Energy Ministerial meetings provide an extraordinary opportunity for energy policy makers to inspire, create engagement and build momentum towards their common goal of accelerating the clean energy transition.

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